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Infographic: How To Apply Makeup For Beginners

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Infographic, How to Apply Makeup for Beginners

Start with clean skin, keeping makeup looking fresh, gorgeousness and pretty.

Best Makeup Brands:

Hautelook | Azalea | Alyaka | ASOSicon | BH Cosmeticsicon
Benefit Cosmetics | Saks Fifth Avenue | Revolution Beauty

Makeup Tools:

How to Apply Makeup.  Here are the lists:

Moisturizer for Face:

Use Concealer (Under Eye, Dark Circle and Contouring):

Powder Brush:

Eye Pencil/ Mascara:


Favorite Lipstick:

Gifts for Makeup Kit

Kosas Future Icon | Benefit Goodie Goodie Gorgeous Holidayicon | Beauty Must-Haves

September 23, 2018