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5 Best Fall Vacation

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Fall in New York’s Central Park #inspiration #pandotripdotcom #repost #travel #fall

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‎Our Favorite Fall Getaways:

Fall in New York’s Central Park, USA
Central Park Movie: August Rush (2007)
What to Do in Central Park: Best Fall, Shakespeare In the Park, horse & carriage rides, the Central Park Film Festival, photography panoramic views of the park and Manhattan skyline.
Travel: Central Park

Festivals for Your Fall Weekends | Virginia
What to Do in Virginia: Bird-watching, hiking, autumn leaf colors
Travel: Virginia

Fall Getaway | Find Your Hotel

Naejangsan | Jeonju
What to Do in Jeonju:  Brilliant fall colors, very beautiful autumn scenery and cherry blossoms bloom.
Travel: Jeonju

Fall Is the Best Time To Visit Rome
What to Do in Italy: Much-visited colosseum, museums, attractions, cool sights and pasta lovers.
Travel: Rome

Autumn in Japan
What to Do in Japan: Picturesque spot for the viewing of colorful autumn foliage in Hokkaido, best spots for momijigari, viewing the autumn leaves.
Travel: Kyoto

September 22, 2017

Peñafrancia Festival 2017

My hometown!

“Mary: Mother of the Church,
the Communion of Life,
Love and Truth in the Year of the Parish,”


Viva La Virgen! (Long live the Virgin!)
Peñafrancia Festival 2017
September 1 – 20, 2017 in Naga City, Camarines Sur

Happy Birthday, Mama Mary!

May you continue to pray for us, teach us your paths. Lead us to your Son, Jesus Christ. Ina, thank you for your guidance. We love you, Mama Mary!

My alma mater!

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#year2009 #photograph #smcitynaga

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Where to Stay:
Naga Pilgrims Hotel, The Avenue Plaza Hotel, Villa Caceres Hotel and The ADC Hotel.

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Food Lovers:
Kinalas! My favorite! Noodles and bulalo stock special kinalas and diced garlic chip. Yumyum!

September 7, 2017

Hello New Maria!
Color of the Year 2017: Greenery

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