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June Bride 2018

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Bridesmaid #whattowear #wedding #nordstromanniversarysale @nordstrom @shopstyle

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What to Wear to a Bridesmaid:

June was traditionally the most popular month to marry. Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage and childbirth. The perfect wedding!

  • June Birth Month Flower: The Rose.
  • June Birthstones: Pearl, Moonstone, Alexandrite, Agate, Opal.
  • June Bride: Blessed with prosperity, smelled relatively fresh and happiness.

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June 28, 2018

Jon Snow and Ygritte Got Married

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Kit Harington and Rose Leslie in A Castle Wedding

Wedding Date:
June 23, 2018

Wedding Place:
Wardhill Castle in Aberdeenshire
Scotland, United Kingdom

Wedding Dress:
Lace sleeves and vintage-style Elie Saab dress

Game of Thrones Star:
Peter Dinklage, Emilia Clarke, Sophie Turner and more. Paparazzi! Star-studded affair.


Game Of Thrones
Jon Snow and Ygritte
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June 25, 2018

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