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Design Tools

Adobe, Macromedia, Responsive Website, CSS, HTML and XHTML.

Design Style

Unconventional, Minimalist, Chic, Urban, Artistic, Clean and Corporate.

Creative Formulas

Music, Creativity, Free Spirit, Happy Things and Inspiration.
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Services Offered

Style and web designer, corporate identity, graphic tees and marketing materials.




New Maria | Style and Design
New Maria Custom Statement Tees


NM Fashion Style | Food Lovers | Design Folio

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Lizbeth Buenaflor-Flores
Recent Projects: Design Inspiration
Graphic / Web / User Interface Designer


✓ Put God first.
✓ A princess that resides in heart & sword.
✓ Happy and wife mode.
Liz's Instagram.
✓ December Wedding 2008.
✓ Alternative Rock/R&B/Acoustic lover.
✓ Bicolana. Filipina. Wishful thinker.
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