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Trendy Blog | February Sale 2018

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2/25/18 V Neck Self Belted Curved Hem Dress
2/26/18 Heather Knit Flounce Off Shoulder Dress
2/26/18 Bow Tied Cuff Vertical Striped Blouse
2/27/18 Striped Panel Form Fitting Dress

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Fashion Week 2018

Summer 2018! Travel and Weekend Getaway
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Sephora Feb Sale

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Bestsellers | Sale! | Makeup Palettes Sale

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February Goddess

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Birth Month Style

Queen’s Crown Art Infusion Set

Goddess, power and light.

She rules with the perfect blend of femininity and authority. She’s the Great Mother – the queen. Her divine power and governance inspire greatness in everyone she leads. Follow her lead and take charge with grace.

February Ring Wrap and Charm Bangle with Swarovski® Crystals
Connection, creation and inspiration.
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Color of the Year 2018: Ultra Violet
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